15 December 2018

VPI’s HW-40 Direct Drive Turntable – Order it NOW!

Forty years ago, Harry Weisfeld founded VPI Industries with a goal of improving how we hear and play records. Today we can reveal the fruit of his labours in the form of the VPI HW-40 Direct Drive turntable.

This zero cogging highly efficient turntable draws from the style of some of VPI’s and other historic turntable designs to deliver a future classic. The combination of materials takes the best from the last 4 decades with precision machined aluminium, tactile real wood & 3D printing, there is even a clear hinged dust cover!

We are now accepting orders for February 2019 delivery for this turntable. Production is limited to 400 and the UK version is likely to be less than 40 units. Priced at £15,000 inc. VAT.

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