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    Voice 22


    MOON now has its own voice!  The Canadian high-end audio manufacturer has used its audio design experience, premium materials and industry-leading technology to create the Voice 22. MOON customers no longer need to guess which pair of loudspeakers to buy when they are looking for the perfect match for their system – they can now have a full MOON solution. 


    The custom stands are £495 for a pair.

    A beautiful union

    Take the guesswork out of buying a complete system with this special promotion to mark the launch of the Voice 22:

    Buy an ACE music system and a pair of Voice 22s for £5,700.

    That's a saving of £450 or get a pair of matching Stand 22 for free!

    Offer available until the 31st of July.

    More about the Voice 22

    The Voice 22 is a true partner for MOON amplifiers and will also bring out the best from other audio manufacturers’ systems. The new loudspeaker delivers the renowned rich and natural MOON sonic signature, and its wide soundstage gives the space to allow every small detail to flourish and for the deep, clean bass to expand. 

    The premium cabinet design has a modern feel with a classic twist recalling the company’s 1980 genesis. The class-leading drivers feature sleek baffles and beautifully machined bezels for a graceful appearance. The Voice 22 is available in a choice of either black or white piano gloss finishes with matching magnetic cloth grilles. 

    The Hover Base is a unique feature created especially for Voice 22. It lends a visually striking appearance to the speaker, and makes it appear to gracefully float above the surface on which it is positioned. It ensures that the Voice 22 can be placed on virtually any furniture without leaving a mark, while adding stability to the loudspeaker and guaranteeing sound integrity. It elevates the loudspeaker and the owner’s experience!

    Specifications here: Voice 22 Data sheet

    If the listening environment requires the speakers to be placed on stands, the Hover Base may easily be removed, and the speakers can be fitted to the custom-made Stand 22. The top plate fits flush into the recessed area in the bottom of the speaker enclosure and disappears. This careful integration creates a pure and uncluttered appearance.

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