26 October 2018

The little black box of superior vinyl replay

The new MOON 110LP v2 phono preamplifier sits between turntable and amplifier to bring a dramatically improved performance from vinyl. Hand-crafted in Canada, this little black box of outstanding technology tricks will ensure that records sound better than ever before. 

The 110LP v2 has been designed for use with turntables without a phono stage, or to deliver dramatic audio improvement by bypassing an existing phono stage. Cartridge matching is made using three pairs of DIP switches on the unit’s underside and this discreet positioning ensures the sleek lines of the aluminium casing are not disrupted. 

With its new slimline design, 24V power supply and increase in adjustment options (gain and impedance settings), the 110LP v2 significantly builds upon the high standards set by the previous model. 

The 110LP v2 delivers new levels of detail and musicality from any vinyl recording, and its sleekly compact form will complement any hi-fi system, wherever it is positioned. 

The MOON 110LP v2 is available in a black finish and comes with a 10-year warranty.

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