QBase AC Distribution


    (price for the QB4 Mark II)


    QRT products are cumulative and their effects are best heard when used as a system. When arranged correctly, the effects include a lower noise floor, increased image depth with tighter focus, wider soundstage, as well as improved overtones, pacing, dynamic range and musical expression.

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    The following designs are available:

    • 4 outlets (QB4) for £880
    • 6 outlets (QB6) for £1480 (13 amp IEC) or £1750 (16 amp IEC)
    • 8 outlets (QB8) for £1480 (15 amp IEC) or £1750 (16 amp IEC)


    • Focused star ground for superior sonic performance
    • No in-line filtering or active circuitry keeps the lowest possible AC supply impedance
    • Primary Earth grounding
    • External ground post for connection to separate clean ground
    • Dedicated Fuse

    Read more about the QBase AC Distribution here.

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