QBase AC Distribution Units


    (price for the QB4 Mark II)


    Focused star ground for superior sonic performance

    No in-line filtering or active circuitry keeps the lowest possible AC supply impedance

    Primary Earth grounding

    External ground post for connection to separate clean ground

    Dedicated Fuse


    Read more about the QBASE AC Distribution here.

    QBase QB4 Mark II

    4 outlets


    QBase QB6 Mark II

    6 outlets

    £1,580 for 13 amp IEC
    £1,850 for 16 amp IEC

    QBase QB8 Mark II

    8 outlets

    £1,580 for 15 amp IEC
    £1,850 for 16 amp IEC

    QBASE / QSOURCE Stand Mount

    Allows you to easily support your QBASE or QSOURCE unit with Nordost Sort Kones, mount it to the wall, or raise it higher off of your floor or rack.

    • Two anodized aluminum stand/mount pieces
    • Comes with screws to attach to your QBASE or QSOURCE unit

    £110 for a pair

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