Odin 2


    (price for 1.25m power cord)


    For nearly a quarter of a century, Nordost has set the standard in hifi audio with their preeminent audio cables. First recognized for their groundbreaking flat speaker cable design, Nordost was later esteemed for the revolutionary Valhalla range, which upheld its status as an audiophile reference for over a decade, only to shock the industry and outdo themselves again with Odin.


    Today, after years of extensive research and development, great ingenuity and a sweeping application of industry knowledge, Nordost can firmly state that Odin 2 is the pinnacle of cable design. In unleashing every facet of a live performance—the delicate nuances, the booming crescendos, the instantaneous reaction of a staccato and even the precision in space and timing between the notes themselves—Odin 2 cables are unmatched. Such performance must be heard to be believed. Odin 2 doesn’t just set the standard; it blows the standards away.


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