18 December 2019

New Products from Nordost

QSource DC cable PREMIUM

When Nordost first launched its QSOURCE Linear Power Supply, an innovative solution designed to optimise the performance of DC-powered audio components, it also released the complementary QSOURCE DC Cable was released simultaneously. This DC power cord makes the connection between the QSOURCE and DC-run audio components.

Now available from your Nordost retailer, the Premium QSOURCE DC Cable is the perfect upgrade to enhance DC-powered audio components, unleashing your equipment’s full potential. More info

Tonearm Cable +

Nordost’s new Tonearm Cable + redesign optimizes every aspect of tonearm cable construction, from conductor layout and shielding to grounding capability, in order to ensure the fidelity of signal transfer and reveal subtle musical nuances, while completely eliminating noise from the signal chain. Nordost’s Blue Heaven, Heimdall 2, Frey 2, and Tyr 2 Tonearm Cable + provide the best analogue connection for every system, no matter the price-point. More info

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