30 June 2017

MOON updates

Some great news this summer:

  • We are introducing a fantastic new Neo integrated amplifier, the Neo 240i. With a sturdy 50 watt amplifier, MM phono stage, 5 digital input hi-resolution DAC & OLED display at on £1990. Available to order now for delivery before the end of July.
  • We have a new and fully reworked Evolution 600i integrated amplifier. The 600iV2 has all the beauty and feature set of the 600i with massively improved sonic performance, £6900 available July ‘17.
  • The staggering Evolution 888 mono amplifier are now available to order. 8 week build time and a retail of £120,000 including UK delivery, installation and full system set up.
  • Last but not least. The multi award winning MOON neo ACE has been reduced in price by a full £600 and is now by far the best One Box System option on the market at £2700.

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