18 February 2021

MOON: Update with TIDAL

In an effort to protect users’ privacy, MOON have worked with TIDAL to enable decentralised authentication. This new procedure will require a one-time intervention on the part of the user to activate the TIDAL account logged into their MiND.

Here is the procedure:

  • Verify that your MiND module and MiND Controller app are up to date (MiND: 1.42 / MiND 2: 1.11 / app: 2.1.8).
  • On entering your TIDAL login credentials with the MiND Controller, a web browser will open where you will be prompted to enter your credentials at TIDAL.com instead before being returned automatically to the MiND Controller.
  • If your MiND is already logged into TIDAL you will be forced to log out and back in.

This one-minute action will allow you to continue enjoying TIDAL with your MiND in the comfort of knowing that your login information is more secure than ever.

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