20 February 2022

MOON products starring in Bel Air

Remember the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sitcom from the 90s starring a young Will Smith, sent from Philadelphia to move in with his wealthy Uncle Phil’s Bel-Air mansion? In 2022, Will Smith is now the producer of Bel-Air, a full-on drama bringing up topics from climate change to politics.

And why are we so interested? Because in Uncle Phil’s office, you will find a complete high-end system comprising of a MOON 680D streaming DAC, a 740P preamplifier, a 610LP phono preamplifier and two 860A v2 power amplifiers. And of course a VPI Prime 21 turntable. No less!

Cousin Carlton’s bedroom features a MOON ACE to allow him to stream his music in high-definition audio and to connect to his VPI Cliffwood turntable.

Yes… MOON is about to steal the show!

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