1 June 2020

MOON MiND Users: Possible Qobuz service interruption notice – UPDATE

Qobuz service update following our previous notice (below):

Please note that Qobuz recently corrected a problem due to certificate expiration on May 30, 2020. As such, you may have to reactivate your account in the MiND Controller app.

Please ensure that your login information is correct before continuing since successive failed login attempts could lock your account, preventing another login attempt for 60 minutes.


To all our MOON customers:

We have noted the same issue with a number of customers in the last 48hours. The problem is related to Qobuz Login difficulties when using MOON MiND APP. This will not effect the Qobuz APP or desktop client.

We do not have full control of the Qobuz portal and therefore require their help in resolving this situation.

Please stand by for a further update and accept our apologies for this interruption of service.

Kind regards

The Team at Renaissance

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