MOON by Simaudio

    Simaudio celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2020. Located in Quebec, Canada, the company has expanded over the years and Simaudio has its own factory tailored to meet the rigorous needs and expectations to fully satisfy the customer and their own demands.

    MOON are recognised as one of the few who have successfully transcended beyond science into bringing you the spirit of a musical performance.

    Their factory is equipped with high-tech machinery, tools and instruments optimized to execute all facets of cutting, assembling, testing and finishing a MOON product with extreme precision and care.

    This unique production facility permits an elevated standard of production in terms of quality and consistency. In addition, it provides an ideal environment and atmosphere for research and development. For the employees, it is a comfortable, functional, safe and motivating place to work and be expressive.


    Simaudio's products deliver a musical performance so complete and satisfying that one wonders if it can get any better.

    MOON products are built to the highest standards of materials, quality control, reliability and performance that has made them so famous and respected around the world.

    MOON MiND2

    The first MOON Network Streamer was introduced in 2012. Poised and ready for the future, the technology was given the name MiND (for MOON intelligent Network Device). MiND technology offers, beyond streaming that is also available from others, a level of control and performance unmatched by others.

    MiND2 now pushes that concept to another level again. It is a way of organizing, listening to, and enjoying your music. MiND2 technology streams music from your digital music library on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device and online streaming services to your audio system, allowing playback via your amplifier and speakers. With full access to Tidal Masters, Qobuz Sublime & Deezer HiFi.

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    For over three decades, the drive behind the most passionate design teams has been to create a connection between science and sound. To identify, quantify, understand and finally convey to you the nuances that make a recording as believable as a live performance. This has been the unwavering goal of the MOON design team as well.

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