18 April 2022

High End Munich 2022 – See you there!

The High End Munich is the leading international audio show. It has been providing ideas and impetus for producers, sellers and consumers of high-quality consumer electronics for four decades.

After two years out, the show is coming back to Munich, from the 19th to the 22nd of May, and, of course, Renaissance and its partners will be there:


Nordost: Room A4.1 / E112 

Nordost will be demonstrating its range of audio accessories using a D’Agostino integrated amp and Wilson Audio speakers.

In addition to its own dedicated room, Nordost’s products will be found throughout the show:

They will be in the Audio Reference room (A3.1 / D111). Audio Reference is Nordost’s German distributor.

And Nordost will also feature Heimdall cables and the QB8 with MOON (room A3.1 / C120), a loom of Valhalla 2 with TAD (room A3.1 / C113), a loom of Odin 2 and the QKore with CH Precision (room A4.1 / F118) and a loom of Frey 2 with Hegel (room A3.1 / C113).


MOON: Room A3.1 / C120

In the MOON room, on active display, you will hear the 390 and 330A and… something else!! To be revealed early May!! On static display, you will see the beautiful 40th Anniversary System, the 740P and 860A v2, the 340i and the ACE.

More MOON products will be available with Raidho (room A 4.2 / E226). There, you will find the MOON 888, the 850P, the 780D v2, 810LP and 820S!

And MOON will also be in the with Scansonic (room A 4.2 / E227), where you will be able to listen to the 600i V2, the 280D MiND2 and 260D T.


Audiovector: Room A4.2 / F203

You will be able to hear the R6 Arreté and R8 Arreté. And… they will be presenting a new speaker!
They will also have a passive demo of all the other speakers in the range.

You will find more Audiovector in the In-Akustik room (A3.1 / C121).

Ortofon will also have a pair of R 11…



VPI will be represented by their German distributor, Audio Reference, in Room A3.1 / D111.

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