14 January 2022

The MOON 110LP v2 is one of What Hi-Fi’s Best phono preamps 2022

The MOON 110LP v2 has done it again! Number 5 in What Hi-Fi’s selection of the Best phono preamps 2022. Click here for more details.

11 January 2022

Happy new year!

It’s a New Year…maybe it’s time to get your system some new audio cables! Wishing everyone a healthy and happy new year, filled with music!

20 December 2021

Audiograde’s Best of 2021

Congratulations to the MOON 340i X and VPI’s Scout 21 for making Audiograde’s Editor’s Pick AND Best of 2021 winner!

23 December 2021

Merry Christmas!

Renaissance will be closing at 4pm on Friday 24th December and will reopen on Wednesday 5th January 2022 at 10am. We wish you a lovely Christmas and our best wishes for 2022!

22 December 2021

Reviews and Awards for 2021

2021 has been a busy and successful year for all of our manufacturers! Please scroll down for a list of the glowing reviews and awards MOON, VPI, Nordost and Audiovector have received. MOON BY SIMAUDIO   What Hi-Fi  2021 award winner: https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/moon-110lp-v2 https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/moon-680d   The Ear www.the-ear.net/review-hardware/moon-680d-dacstreamer   Hi-Fi News Simaudio MOON 280D MiND 2 […]

24 November 2021

MOON opens new communications studio

The new MOON Studio has been designed to allow the MOON team to deliver industry-leading communications to its customers and partners across the globe. Equipped with the very latest premium pro recording equipment, the facility will allow people and products to be seen and heard in brilliant audio-visual detail. As the traditional culture of face-to-face […]

23 November 2021

Nordost Blue Heaven Tonearm Cable + Review

An Applause Award from Jay Garrett of Stereonet for the Nordost Blue Heaven Tonearm Cable +! Click here to read the review.

10 November 2021

VPI Prime 21+ in Hi-Fi News’ Ultimate Hi-Fi 2021

“… the Prime 21+ is a magnificent-sounding turntable package. It brings out the best from less-than-perfect recordings while ensuring your well-produced LPs will shine”.

5 November 2021

Nordost Blue Heaven RCA Interconnect Cable Review in StereoNET

Fabulous review of the Blue Heaven RCA Interconnect Cable! Reviewer Neville Roberts concludes: “The Blue Heaven certainly lives up to its manufacturer’s claims of offering accurate signal transfer at a relatively affordable price. Certainly, the improvement garnered over only slightly less expensive interconnects I’ve heard was quite something – with especially impressive detail and sound staging. […]

21 October 2021

Valhalla 2 Ethernet Cable Review in Hi-Fi+

Not only does this in-depth review explore the construction of Nordost’s Reference Ethernet cable, it speaks to the audible differences that cable lengths make! For reviewer Andrew Harrison, of Hi-Fi+, the V2 Ethernet Cable transformed his system, allowing him to experience tighter, more controlled bass, improved top-end detail, lower noise floor, and a more natural performance […]

10 October 2021

MOON 280D Streaming DAC Review on StereoNET

“From its very opening gambit, the MOON 280D states its raison d’être with no fuss or fanfare. This Canadian streaming DAC has a job to do, and it does it very well. It might be low on fripperies such as headphone stages, preamps and fancy displays but, once you have it in your system, you […]

1 October 2021

Valhalla 2 range review on Audiophilia.com

Fabulous review published this month on Audiophilia.com of Nordost’s Valhalla 2 range. Anthony Kershaw was so impressed with the range he dubbed it one of Audiophilia’s Star Components! You can read the full review here.

29 September 2021

5 stars on The Ear.net for the VPI Prime 21+

A new 5-star review for the VPI Prime 21+, by Chris Kelley on The Ear.net: VPI Prime 21+ Review

18 August 2021

Nordost Odin Gold

We are delighted to share with you the launch of Nordost’s new flagship product range, Odin Gold. You can read our press release here. Discover Odin Gold.

17 July 2021


We are on holidays from Monday 19th to Friday 23rd July inclusive. No emails shall be answered and no phones shall be lifted either that week. Thank you!

16 July 2021

280D Streamer review by Darko Audio

Darko Audio take a look at why, with a fresh start, the MOON 280D Streamer would be right up there on their buying list. Many thanks guys for a detailed and comparative review! Read the review here.

8 April 2021

Welcoming Audiovector to Scotland!

We are delighted to now be the distributor of Audiovector in Scotland. Discover Audiovector Read about it on Stereonet!

4 March 2021

No less than a front page and a stunning review for the Avenger turntable

VPI’s Avenger makes the front page of the March 2021 edition of HiFi+. Read its review by Roy Gregory here: Reviews tab on this page.

20 February 2021

*NEW* Valhalla 2 Ethernet Cable

Music lovers will soon be able to fully incorporate digital music storage and streaming into their reference audio systems, while maintaining, and even improving upon, their musical performance. Nordost’s Valhalla 2 Ethernet Cable will be available to order in the UK from March! £2670 for 1m (add £350 per additional 1 meter) Read this information sheet […]

18 February 2021

MOON: Update with TIDAL

In an effort to protect users’ privacy, MOON have worked with TIDAL to enable decentralised authentication. This new procedure will require a one-time intervention on the part of the user to activate the TIDAL account logged into their MiND. Here is the procedure: Verify that your MiND module and MiND Controller app are up to date (MiND: 1.42 / MiND 2: 1.11 / app: 2.1.8). On entering your […]

16 February 2021

New review of Nordost’s QKORE products

Nordost’s Ground Units keep getting more and more praise! “When the time came for me to remove the Nordost QKORE grounding units from the system, I noticed the difference immediately… I felt my system lost just a bit of its edge and clarity.” – Marc Phillips, Part-Time Audiophile You can read Part-Time Audiophile’s review its […]

6 January 2021

We’re still open!

Our offices are available to help you, on the telephone and by email, Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm. For technical support and specific questions, please email support@renaissanceaudio.co.uk We have just received large shipments from all our brands so Renaissance will be available to supply you without delay all your favourite HiFi products from MOON, […]

7 December 2020

MOON products to feature Apple AirPlay 2

MOON is delighted to announce that its performance MiND2 audio streaming products* are even more connected as they now feature Apple AirPlay 2. The new integrated streaming module effortlessly allows Apple users to play music from any iOS device and change music with Siri voice control. AirPlay 2 also adds multi-room playback to MOON’s premium […]

24 September 2020

The new Prime 21 is revealed!

VPI is set to revolutionise the world of Hi-Fi with its new turntable – the Prime 21.  The multi-award winning VPI Prime was the starting point for the development of the Prime 21. With a host of new improvements and added features, this new turntable promises an even better sonic performance and a user friendly experience. Find more about the new […]

17 September 2020

Some much deserved attention for Nordost Frey 2 cables on Audiophilia.com

In a glowing review, Anthony Kershaw of Audiophilia.com, spoke to the benefits that a Frey 2 loom brought to his sound system. In his article Anthony applauded Frey 2’s synergy and loved how the cables “got out of the way of the music”. “The Frey 2’s performance and general neutral and happy nature never disappointed. And […]

9 September 2020

5-star review for the VPI Prime Signature in The Ear

Read here Chris Kelly’s new review of the VPI Prime Signature. Apparently, the only thing to worry about is dust… So just make sure you keep yours in a dust-free environment!!

24 August 2020

Nordost in the news

Nordost’s re-engineered Tonearm Cable + recently received some attention from Hi-Fi Choice. Reviewer Neville Roberts gave the Heimdall 2 Tonearm Cable + a “Five Star” rating, praising the energetic and refined attributes that the new cable brought to the performance of his analog system. “The instrument focus and clarity are both excellent and the soundstage […]

22 June 2020

We’re moving back to Commercial Quay!

Dear friends, customers and colleagues As of today, Monday 22 June, we are delighted to announce that we are moving back to our offices at Commercial Quay! As the move is happening over the next couple of days, please forgive us if we take a little longer to respond to your requests. Our trading hours […]

1 June 2020

MOON MiND Users: Possible Qobuz service interruption notice – UPDATE

Qobuz service update following our previous notice (below): Please note that Qobuz recently corrected a problem due to certificate expiration on May 30, 2020. As such, you may have to reactivate your account in the MiND Controller app. Please ensure that your login information is correct before continuing since successive failed login attempts could lock […]

26 March 2020

New VPI Weisline Tonearm Cable by Nordost

Discover this new high performance tonearm cable here.

23 March 2020

Closure at Renaissance

23RD March 2020 Dear friends, customers and colleagues Monday 23rd March 2020 will see the temporary closure of all supply operations at Renaissance in Edinburgh – for the next wee while at least. Making this move has been a difficult decision but we feel strongly that it is our social responsibility to look after the […]

11 February 2020

MOON Defies Obsolescence

Durability and sustainability at the heart of MOON. Read more on positive-feedback.com A Creative Forum for the Audio Arts.  

16 January 2020

The Sound Advocate Review – Nordost White Lightning Cable Package

Nordost’s first review of 2020 focuses on the White Lightning cable range. In his review for The Sound Advocate, Howard Milstein was shocked at the “entry-level” status of these fantastic cables. Judging by the build quality and musicality, Howard dubbed them “the greatest buy in audio cables today!” Read the full review here: Nordost ‘LIEF’ White Lightning […]

23 January 2020

5-star review on the ear.net for the MOON 780D v2 and 700i v2

Read the full review here.

18 December 2019

New Products from Nordost

Find out about the new QSource DC cable PREMIUM and the Tonearm Cable + range.

17 October 2019

Read Alan Sircom’s review of the QPOINT and the QSOURCE

When the QPOINT Resonance Synchronizer and the QSOURCE Linear Power Supply were introduced to the public in Spring of this year, there was already a line of people waiting to get their hands on these innovative new products. The first in line was Alan Sircom. In his review, freshly published in Hi-Fi+, Alan describes his […]

16 October 2019

New Nordost Heimdall 2 tonearm cable review on Stereonet!

Read Jay Garrett’s review here!

14 October 2019

A sneaky preview of what you can expect at the UK HiFi Show Live 2019

Less than 2 weeks before the UK HiFi Show Live 2019! Click here for one of the show previews. After six years in Windsor, the UK’s longest-running premier high-end audio show moves to a new venue for 2019, offering an even greater range of beautifully-appointed spaces and event opportunities to showcase the world’s finest hi-fi. […]

10 October 2019

Urgent message to MOON MiND users – UPDATE

The situation regarding the MOON MiND Control App has now been rectified. If you have experienced any difficulties with your MOON MiND control app, please download version 2.1.1 from the app store. Once again, we are really sorry for any inconvenience.

3 October 2019

High Fidelity reviews the QPOINT Resonance Synchronizer

Some reviews stand above the rest. That is exactly the case with Wojciech Pacuta’s article on the QPOINT in this month’s edition of High Fidelity magazine. In his review, he says that the QPOINT may be “one of the most valuable improvements to [a] system”. In reading this piece, you’ll get a detailed description of […]

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