16 November 2018

Cables for the Modest of HiFi Systems

Nordost is often pigeon-holed as a company that exclusively offers reference-level products, but that is not the case. Nordost offers a complete range of products that does include cables that are designed for the highest end systems conceivable. They also offer cables that are perfectly paired with even the most modest of hifi systems.

In his latest review, Jeff Dorgay of ToneAudio took a look at Nordost’s  White Lightning Speaker Cable. The jump in clarity that he experienced with this introductory cable leads him to recommend this cable to any audiophile who is looking for a modestly priced upgrade to their system.

“The result with the White Lightning cables was dramatically better than anything else I’ve used that is comparably priced and could live happily ever after with these cable in that system.”

You can see Jeff’s full review here.

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