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    600i V2


    125W per channel balanced two-channel Integrated Amplifier


    The MOON 600i v2 is designed to continue where the legendary and award winning MOON i-7 left off. New technological developments have paved the way for an improved version of the 600i, aptly called the 600iV2.



    Black and Two-Tone.

    Silver finish as special order with a 10-week supply.

    The 600iV2 provides an even greater insight into your music, with increased resolution, bass articulation, detail and soundstage, thanks to upgrades in the power supply and gain stages. Of course the familiar 600i’s “family sound” is all there, and is now enhanced to provide even more of everything it already does so well.

    The MOON 600iV2 has all the beauty and feature set of the MOON 600i with massively improved sonic performance. In part this has been achieved by the implementation of Simaudio’s own capacitor design. Custom made for them in Japan as part of the development of the 888 mono power amps, the capacitors help the listener connect with the music. Together with new semiconductors first used in the 310LP phono pre-amplifier, the new MOON 600i V2 is a stunning and beautiful compact reference amplifier.

    Intended to meet the needs of the most demanding music connoisseurs, it is fully differential dual-mono design, rated at 125 watts/channel into 8Ohms, offering authority, finesse and superb control. Using a variety of new technologies developed since the introduction of the Evolution Series, the 600i v2 provides more sonic transparency and accuracy than ever before.

    New technologies include (i) the M-eVOL2 volume control, with a phenomenal 530 steps, allowing for an extremely precise level adjustment just like the 850P Preamplifier; (ii) MOON output transistors, specifically designed for use in our amplifiers, provide tighter and more visceral bass performance, as well as unprecedented linearity throughout the entire frequency spectrum; (iii) An input stage circuit which reduces noise, preserving image focus and integrity like never before. Although rated at “only” 125W per channel, the MOON 600i v2 embodies both authority and finesse at all levels that suggests a much more powerful amplifier, just like all MOON products before it.

    Key features are present such as our “no overall feedback” amplification circuitry, SimLink™ and M-Lock, just to name a few, as well as both RS-232 and IR ports for custom-install environments.

    Give the 600iV2 a test drive and experience the true power and emotion of music, while rediscovering your music collection all over again.

    • Simaudio’s “No overall feedback” design resulting in genuine real-time amplification, more accurate musical reproduction with respect to tonality, virtually non-existent IMD and the elimination of common phase errors resulting from feedback.
    • Custom proprietary toroidal transformer design with lower magnetic, electrical and thermal loss, yielding an improved power transfer and lower regulation factor. The result is increased current speed and better dynamics.
    • A dual-mono oversized power supply.
    • M-eVOL2 volume control circuit using MDAC’s (operating in a current steering R-2R configuration) which alter the audio signal’s amplitude, yielding no sonic degradation of the signal, regardless of the selected volume setting.
    • “Class A” output to 5 watts for greater efficiency.
    • M-Lock for “user selectable” maximum volume setting lock-out for each line input.
    • “Gain offset” for each individual line input with a ±10dB range.
    • Precision matched proprietary MOON Bipolar output transistors with unprecedented gain linearity resulting in improved bass response and even more accurate sonic reproduction.
    • Each line input is fully configurable to be “home-theater ready”, where the gain section of the 600i is bypassed
      RS-232 port for (i) full unsolicited bidirectional feedback and (ii) firmware updates.
    • IR input for external control.
    • 12 Volt trigger output for remote operation.
    • SimLink™ controller port for 2-way communications with other compatible MOON components.
    • 4-Layer printed circuit boards with pure copper tracings for a much shorter signal path; This results in greater sonic accuracy and a dramatically improved signal-to-noise ratio.
    • Ultra rigid chassis construction to minimize the effects of external vibrations.
    • Accurate matching of the very finest quality electronic components in a symmetrical circuit design.
    • Includes FRM-3 remote control.

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