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    Stereo Integrated Amplifier


    With its full external control (including Control4 driver available), the 240i will drive even inefficient and complex low impedance speaker loads without difficulty.

    As you would expect, the sound quality is all MOON: organic and detailed, with exceptionally well-controlled and tuneful bass, coupled with a wide and airy soundstage. In a nutshell, music comes alive.



    Black and Two-Tone.

    Silver finish as special order with a 10-week supply.

    With connectivity accented on digital audio, as well as a plethora of analog line-level inputs, and a phono input, the 240i can easily become the one-box centerpiece of your music and entertainment system.

    • 3 line-level inputs including a front-mounted 1/8” mini-jack for personal media players.
    • Headphone output on 1/4” TRS jack located on the front panel.
    • Five digital inputs include USB (hi-res audio), SPDIF (2), Optical (2).
    • OLED type screen.
    • Moving magnet phono preamplifier input.
    • Analog inputs are configurable to “pass-through” mode, for use with a home-theater processor, whose own volume control is used.
    • Includes CRM-3 Remote Control.

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