Black Star Digital Interconnect

Black Star Digital Interconnect

From £1200

A New Star Is Born – The BLACK STAR Cable System

Cabling for music professionals, fans & aficionados

Studio Connections ‘Black Star’ brings the type of wiring system that we install in the most renowned professional studios and theatres into your home. It is a ‘star’ system that locks equipment to a single audio system reference, and, like its cosmic namesake, stops noise radiating into the system.

Black Star provides a noise-free foundation for the components to work from, coupled with clear, clean audio single paths for the equipment to work with. 

This brings equipment together to form one cohesive, well timed system, with signals flowing openly and freely to make the sound you hear as natural and original as can be.

‘Studio Connections new Black Star cables have a remarkable effect on the timing of a recording without adding any colouration, so with the greater accuracy of this improved timing the sound from the speakers becomes more realistic, and sounds less like a recording’. Matt Colton (Peter Gabriel, Coldplay, Muse, George Michael, James Blake), Mastering Engineer and Director, Alchemy Mastering

Audition a system yourself and see what a difference Black Star makes to your setup.

Studio Connections cables are used as the backbone of renowned studios, mastering studio and theatres including: 

Alchemy Mastering Studio – (Peter Gabriel, Coldplay, Muse. James Blake, George Michael)

Cenzo Townshend- mix Studio – U2, ColdPlay, Suede, Editors, Florence + the machine, Snow Patrol, The Cranberries

EMI Abbey Road – complete studio wiring systems in 3 of the studios

National Theatre of Scotland – Complete theatre audio system for sell out  production ‘Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour’


From £1200 for 1.00 MTR. Add £400 for each extra 0.5 MTR.

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